Eugene, Oregon


I live with my family in Friendly/Amazon, work in the Oregon House of Representatives and serve our community as a progressive voice for education, social justice, and our environment. I’m running because our community deserves a Democrat in Salem who can deliver for Eugene while bringing fresh ideas and moral clarity to Oregon politics. Here is where I stand on the issues:

  • Pro-choice and battle tested in Salem

    Pushed to secure abortion rights and gender affirming care, even when Republicans walked out for weeks.

  • Proven climate champion

    20 years experience in environmental policy. Legislative Director for OLCV’s legislator of the year.

  • Public school parent and advocate

    Brings personal perspective on post-pandemic challenges facing our kids today. Co-Chair Yes for 4J Schools.

  • Committed to healthcare for all

    Endorsed by trusted single-payer organizations. Consistently worked for universal healthcare.

  • Leader for housing, working families, economic and racial justice

    Founded Homes for All movement. Championed better wages and protections for essential workers during Covid. Endorsed by Oregon’s Labor Commissioner Christina Stephenson.

  • Outspoken for ceasefire in Gaza

    Always on the side of human rights and humanitarian aid. Willing to speak out when other politicians won’t.

  • No corporate campaign cash

    Helped bring campaign finance limits to Oregon, and is powered by small dollar donors like you, not political special interests.

Do you have more questions or other issues? Reach out to me any time here.